Realistic Goals

Books are not written overnight. It’s important to keep your goals realistic and in order to do so, you need to evaluate what is most important to you.

Some people set word count goals whilst others set the goal of writing at a specific time of day for a certain length of time. Others write by hand so record how many pages written.

So, it is important to figure out what goals work for you. There’s no point in setting a word count goal when you’re writing by hand, unless you want it to be approximate or spend every day painstakingly counting each word. Likewise, there’s no point setting a specific time if your work hours vary and could prevent you from sitting down to write at the same time every day.

Maintaining realistic goals is also important for motivation. If you know that you can crack out a huge word count every day, then go for it. But, if you know those kinds of word counts are rare for you, don’t set the bar that high. That is just setting yourself up for disappointment. And that, in turn, will just chip away at your motivation each day you don’t achieve it. And that will just result in you not writing at all. Not every month has to be NaNoWriMo!

Currently I have a daily goal of 500 words, which isn’t a lot. But, 500 words a day can get a lot further than none. And, often, if I’m on a roll, I’ll continue on well past 500. And, when I do, that achievement feels all the better – and boosts my motivation to keep going.

So, find what works for you and stick to it. Hold yourself accountable – or find someone else who will – when you don’t make your goals. Keep yourself motivated through these goals and the consequences should you not make them. And, hopefully, you will find yourself moving closer and closer towards your bigger goals – like finishing a book.

Happy writing!

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